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About WizMailer



WizMailer is an innovative provider of outsourced e-mail, serving thousands of people worldwide. Our business is people-friendly, driven to providing excellent service and support for one of the most important communications tools in today's world. WizMailer is a profitable business and our only business is e-mail hosting, meaning that our resources are focused on one vision: providing you with the most reliable and efficient e-mail possible.



WizMailer's head office is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The company was formed in 2005. Initially the company's aim was to allow people to consolidate their email accounts into one single location. Since then, WizMailer has developed its business email platform to include a very rich feature set.

WizMailer is profitable, in good standing and prides itself on providing a sophisticated, robust email platform at a low cost (much lower than inhouse or Exchange hosting)



We have some super-sensitive information on our systems and we take that responsibility seriously. Providing secure servers and a secure physical environment is the least we can do to help protect our clients' data. We try to help customers ensure that they have secure passwords on their accounts and of course, we monitor our systems constantly in case of any unlikely malicious attack.

WizMailer employees also have to follow very strict policies in regards to logging into customer accounts. Unless approved by the customer, our employees may not ever read e-mails addressed to an account holder. Only senior management are privy to seeing any credit card details about customers.

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Now available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

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