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Grow your business with effective campaign management


In today's world, email marketing and newsletters remain as a very important tool to many businesses.

With so many emails being sent, you have to make sure your business is doing all it can to retain high

leadership and achieve high delivery rates. WizMailer's CompleteCampaign is a managed email marketing

service. Our experts will manage your campaign and make sure you receive optimal results. We will improve

your delivery rates and provide compelling statistics about your campaigns and easily scale with your growth.


Outsourced Service Features


Complete Contact Lists Management
Categorize your subscribers by creating multiple mailing lists and segments.
Create custom fields to add additional data for each subscriber e.g. Name, Location.
Import multiple subscribers with additional information to your custom fields.
Automatically and manually add or remove subscribers from your lists.

Complete Campaign Management
Create email campaigns and maintain complete control over send scheduling.
Autoresponders let you schedule one or more messages to be sent out after certain time intervals.
Professional design of your message, make your emails look consistent and appealing.
Adjustment of your message to all popular email clients.

Complete Inbox Delivery
CAN-SPAM compliance.
Bouncebacks are being automatically removed from your lists.
Spam-test your messages and search for "bad" keywords.
SMTP Load balancing ensures fast speed and reliable delivery.
Deliverability monitoring and real time optimization.
SMTP Whitelisting with major ESPs.

Complete Statistics
Track your message's open rates.
Track each specific link within your message.
Receive bounceback reports.
Analyze unsubscribe statistics.
New subscriber reports.
Autoresponder information
Complaint reports through feedback loops





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