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CompleteCampaign – Managed Delivery Solution


Pricing of the service is determined by 2 factors:

1. Total work hours put in by our experts. Cost of a work hour is $125.
2. Total amount of emails sent in a month. See table below:


For Example: If you delivered 250,000 emails in a particular month ($825) and used 3 work hours

of our experts who managed the delivery for you (3*$125) your total payment will sum up to $1,200.


Send up to….. 

Cost per month

50,000 emails per month


100,000 emails per month


250,000 emails per month


500,000 emails per month


1,000,000 emails per month


2,000,000 emails per month



Over 2M? Contact us.


Email Hosting


We have a very simple pricing model:

$4 per mailbox / month (comes with 10GBs storage).

We require a minimum 5 mailbox purchase (i.e. $20/month)

For this, you'll receive our full feature set

If you need more mailboxes down the track as your business grows, then you can upgrade whenever you like via your administration account.

  • If you would like to calculate what your account would cost, please use our cost calculator . Please note that due to the low price per mailbox, we require a minimum monthly spend of $20.

  • If you have more than 100 mailboxes, you should contact us as we offer bulk discounts.



If you would like to talk to us about any part of our service, please click here.




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