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Our Technology

Total Redundancy

Comprehensive Monitoring

Security (Physical and Data)

Systems Architecture


Our Technology


WizMailer's entire network infrastructure is designed around providing the best email service possible. After all, it's the only thing we do! We have built a totally redundant network - there is no single point of failure in our setup. That includes on connectivity, load balancers, all services such as IMAP, POP3, Webmail and SMTP, as well as on backups.

 WizMailer has major infrastructure in San Jose, California and Ashburn, Virginia. We automatically detect the data center closest to a client and host their mail there. This ensures the best speed for your email service.

Our servers are configured in a clustered environment. If the primary server in the cluster becomes congested or unavailable, the secondary clustered server is able automatically take over.

This clustered server setup is the primary reason why our uptime remains at 100% for most months. It also removes almost all need for scheduled maintenance that would usually take down your email temporarily.

We use reliable software that is well tested before being put into any live environment. Our hardware is thoroughly tested as well before being used. All this helps keep our servers up near 100% of the time.

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